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Welcome to the central online hub for SKKSA karateka. Here, you can access course material and information to assist you in your training.

If you have any queries, please feel free to email us: media@skksa.co.za.

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2017 Welcome Pack and Registration

Points systems, correct attire, SKKSA ID and the Registration Form. All the info you need to join SKKSA.

PDF – requires compatible viewing software.

Our colour belt (kyu) grading programmes are provided for you to download and use in your own practice and study for examinations and training.

Select a syllabus from the list to download. Files are in PDF format and require compatible viewing software. Please note that all syllabus are for SKKSA karateka only, and distribution of these pages is strictly prohibited. These files are for personal use only.

Karateka: If you don’t understand an item on your syllabus, please feel free to consult your dojo instructor, who can assist you with terminology and more detailed instruction on how to follow the syllabus.

Yellow Belt

For white belt and beginner students going to Yellow belt.

Orange Belt

For Yellow belts going to Orange belt.

Green Belt

For Orange belts going to Green belt.

Blue Belt

For Green belts going to Blue belt.

Purple Belt

For Blue belts going to Purple belt.

3rd Kyu Brown Belt

For Purple belts going to 3rd Kyu brown belt.

2nd Kyu Brown Belt

For 3rd kyu brown belts going to 2nd Kyu brown belt.

1st Kyu Brown Belt

For 2nd kyu brown belts going to 1st Kyu brown belt.

Kyu Exam Entry Form

Karateka eligible for a grading examination are required to complete this entry form. This form is for karateka entering a Kyu examination only (Yellow belt to 1st Kyu Brown belt). Once completed, this form should be returned to your dojo instructor.

PDF – requires compatible viewing software.

SKKSA Kyu Grading Policy

The SKKSA Grading Examination Policy outlines the eligibility timeframes and requirements for karateka to undertake all kyu examinations with us.

PDF – requires compatible viewing software.

Brown Belt Examination Policy [2017]

The brown belt examination policy outlines the requirements for karateka wishing to undertake an examination at one of these senior levels.

PDF – requires compatible viewing software.

 WKF Rules & Regulations

This document, from wkf.net, contains rules and regulations for competitors and referees participating at tournaments.

Student Records Policies

This document is part of Project Osaka, the SKKSA ID project that introduced student cards in January 2014. It contains detailed processes of registration, card re-issues, and the organizational structure of SKKSA.

PDF – requires compatible viewing software.