It’s your karate profile for life. When you register with us, you will receive a grading book. This book records the important milestones in your karate journey – your gradings, seminars attended, and affiliation years with SKKSA. It serves as proof of your registration, but it’s also so much more.

A unique barcode is attached to each grading book. This is the student number you receive when you register with us. You can use this barcode to scan-in to gradings, seminars and special training events. When you scan your grading book, your records are automatically updated with our digital student records database. This allows us to monitor the progress of each karateka and customise our training programmes accordingly.

Your grading book is also your karate passport: you can use it at international events such as the Swiss Summer Course to log your attendance and examination. And just like a passport, it contains all the memories attached to each training event along your karate journey.

Every time you grade to a new belt, enter a tournament, attend an SKKSA seminar or attend senior Saturday classes, your attendance is logged on our custom software. This builds your own karate profile, a digital record of your training with SKKSA. Instructors of students who attend Saturday classes get interim reports detailing their students’ attendance, which can help determine grading eligibility for Brown Belt exams. Your instructor will go through your report with you once they receive it from Student Records.

We also update your grading book at each examination, building your own personal karate profile that closely matches the digital profile we have of your attendance records.

Your karate profile

SKKSA karate may access their profile – including registration records, Saturday training data (for senior students), and more – by visiting our MyDojo platform.

Click here to go to MyDojo.


Karateka in the Purple – Black belt categories are issued with a Student Card. This card is required to register at each Saturday training session, and may also be used in lieu of the grading book to sign-in to sessions at an SKKSA seminar. Student Cards are a compact version of your grading book, and can easily be carried by karateka to various events such as tournaments, where you can scan-in to update your tournament records with us.

Student Cards are issued to registered karateka in the Purple – Black belt levels only. For more information, please contact

For more information about SKKSA ID and SKKSA Student Records, please email