Summer Events 2016

We’re excited to announce our Summer Events 2016. This collection of events will conclude another action-packed year in karate.

From the 2 – 3 December, we invite our karateka to participate in the Summer Course 2016. Students will have the opportunity to meet with karateka and instructors from all our dojos over a weekend dedicated to sharing knowledge and forging friendships. On 4th December, we will conduct our final kyu examinations.

A week later, we will host the 16th edition of the SKKSA Awards Evening at the Elangeni Hotel in Durban. This final event is set to conclude the year in style as we honour the achievements of our students over 2016. Tickets are available from your dojo instructor.


Summer Course 2016

Note: this is an SKKSA ID event. Please ensure you have your student card/grading book to access each session.

The Summer Course 2016 will be held at the Sastri Academic Convention Centre. The Google Map is available below:

Should you require further direction info, please contact your dojo instructor.

Brown Belt Exams

Karateka undertaking their Brown Belt exams are kindly requested to familiarise themselves with our Brown Belt Examination Policy. 

Grading Forms

Entry to the exam requires students to fill out and return a grading form. You can download and print the PDF by clicking here.

General Exam Policy

The final exams will be governed by our General Grading Exam Policy, which can be accessed by clicking this link.

Karateka Portal

You are encouraged to visit our Karteka Portal to download all our policy documents and grading syllabus.

The 16th Edition of the Awards Evening

The highlight on our calendar is the Awards Evening, where we will honour the achievements of our karateka during 2016. This year’s event will be held at the Great Ilanga Conference Room, Elangeni Hotel, Durban Golden Mile. Tickets are available from your dojo instructor. Space is limited so please ensure you book early.

Coverage of Summer Events 2016

For the latest information on these events, please follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

We will be live streaming select portions of the events on our Facebook page via Facebook Live. More information on this will be available soon.

We look forward to seeing you at the Summer Events 2016!

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Updates to SKKSA ID


Our student management system, SKKSA ID, will be getting a major update later this month.

We have introduced a new set of software tools that will enable our instructors to have more control over the information pertaining to their dojos. As such, from the end of July 2016, you can request information regarding your student profile directly from your instructor.

SKKSA ID was introduced in 2014 and has set us apart from other karate organisations by streamlining the student records system and digitising examination, training, seminar and student data. This major update will allow you to get information regarding grading eligibility a lot quicker than before.

Full training reports for Saturday Training will now be available on-demand rather than the bi-annual process in the past. This allows you to keep track of your attendance and make sure you’re within the margin to be eligible for entering final senior exams.

The new software will allow our instructors to have a better understanding of the student base in their dojo, and make class decisions that are better informed. The software forms part of our “Osaka Tools for SKKSA” suite, developed in-house by SKKSA Media.

For more information on SKKSA ID, please visit

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2016 Events Calendar Updated

We’re excited to share with you our plans for this year.

Our provisional 2016 calendar is now available. You can view the online version at

Please be advised that this is a provisional calendar. Events and details are subject to change. We advise that you bookmark the Events page, and keep connected with us via this website and our Facebook and Twitter presences to get the latest details.

We look forward to a great karate year!

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Announcing the SKKSA Summer Course 2015

We’re excited to announce our year-end events, starting with the Sumer Course 2015.

Continuing our tradition of successful gasshukus, our 2015 edition promises fun, learning and the chance for karateka from across our South African dojos to meet each other and share their knowledge and passion for the art.

Karateka will get the opportunity to train under our senior instructors from the north to south coast of KZN – instructors who have trained internationally under Rikuta Koga Hanshi of the SKISF Swiss Federation – and learn the latest developments in the Shotokan style under our leadership from Switzerland.

Summer Course 2015 will run from 4 – 6 December 2015.

For the first time, we will be conducting Shodan (1st Dan) examinations, alongside our final kyu examinations and Brown Belt Kyu Gradings.

Details on the examinations will follow soon. In the meantime, we encourage our karateka to be regular at dojo training to be prepared for final exams. You may also access the kyu exam programme from our Karateka Portal (syllabus available for yellow to purple belt categories).

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