Register with us in 2021

We are excited to welcome you to the SKKSA family in 2021.

Registration is now open.

New Students

If you are a new student, please click here to view our 2021 Welcome Pack, to find out more about us and how you can begin your karate journey with SKKSA.

Returning Students

To our returning students, welcome back! We’re so excited to see you again. You can register for the new karate year online using MyDojo.

To begin, visit You will need a MyDojo account to do an online registration.

On your Dashboard, you will see a green banner titled 2021 Registration. Click the link to begin registration:

Read the prompt about affiliation benefits, then click “Register with SKKSA”:

On the registration form, select the members in your family that will be returning. This year we have introduced Linked Family Profiles, allowing you to submit a single application for all members in your family.

If you have family members training with you and they don’t appear in this list, please contact us at and we will assist you.

Ensure you select the correct registration category for each member (Junior or Senior), and check the box next to each returning member.

Confirm the registration details; if you need to make a change, click the Back button, otherwise click Next when ready.

Finally, please read the training indemnity, and accept it by clicking the checkbox.

Enter an email address for confirmation emails, and click “Submit Registration”.

Your registration application will be processed and you will receive an email once it has been completed by admin. You can also check the status of your registration on the MyDojo Dashboard by clicking the link in the green banner.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our dojos in 2021!


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