Updates to SKKSA ID


Our student management system, SKKSA ID, will be getting a major update later this month.

We have introduced a new set of software tools that will enable our instructors to have more control over the information pertaining to their dojos. As such, from the end of July 2016, you can request information regarding your student profile directly from your instructor.

SKKSA ID was introduced in 2014 and has set us apart from other karate organisations by streamlining the student records system and digitising examination, training, seminar and student data. This major update will allow you to get information regarding grading eligibility a lot quicker than before.

Full training reports for Saturday Training will now be available on-demand rather than the bi-annual process in the past. This allows you to keep track of your attendance and make sure you’re within the margin to be eligible for entering final senior exams.

The new software will allow our instructors to have a better understanding of the student base in their dojo, and make class decisions that are better informed. The software forms part of our “Osaka Tools for SKKSA” suite, developed in-house by SKKSA Media.

For more information on SKKSA ID, please visit www.skksa.co.za/id


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