Aaron Naidoo Receives “Chief Instructor Choice Award 2014”

Chief Instructor Award 2014

The Chief Instructor Choice Award is the highest honour bestowed upon a karateka at SKKSA. On Saturday, December 13, at the SKKSA Awards Evening 2014, Aaron Naidoo from our Stanger dojo was named the 2014 recipient of this award by SKKSA Founder & Chief Instructor Aneel Dowlath Sensei. Reflecting on his decision to name Aaron the worthy recipient of this prestigious award, Aneel Dowlath Sensei had this to say:

The karateka I choose every year shares the same philosophy towards their karate as I do. And this year it’s no less. This karateka truly reflects the T14 theme by practising the budo spirit of Karatedo – at its finest. What really impresses me is the fact that, whilst this student is a competent sportsperson, this karateka practices karate not for the competition, but of the obvious passion and love shown for the art.

This is the individual who is able to understand how to handle flying high on the clouds of winning and is able to pick themselves up with grace in times of losing..

I have closely watched this particular karateka, especially during my senior classes, and I have noted the well balanced approach he takes to his karate. When training on the Tatami, nothing else matters except his will to constantly take his art to a higher level.

– Aneel Dowlath, Chief Instructor (SKKSA Awards Evening 2014)

Congratulations, Aaron!


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