Important Information about Grading Books

SKKSA Grading Books will be getting a design update soon.
SKKSA Grading Books will be getting a design update soon.

In order to grade, you need an SKKSA Grading Book. This book is issued when you join us, and serves as a record of your gradings, tournaments and seminar attendance throughout your karate career. You can use it internationally to log participation at other Shotokan events. Think of it as your “karate passport.”

You will need to bring your grading book to your mid-year examination. We will update the book with your new grade and scan it to update your digital profile with SKKSA ID.

If you are new to SKKSA, or have lost your book and require a replacement, please note that we are in the process of designing a new grading book. At this time, we cannot give you a replacement or new grading book. You may still participate in the examination, but your records will only be updated when the new books arrive.

Once we’ve received stock of these new books, we will let you know via this website and our social media platforms ( and

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