SKKSA Introduces Student Cards

Introducing SKKSA Student Cards

Durban, RSA — Shotokan Kokusai Karatedo South Africa announced today that student cards will be available to registered karateka in the Purple — Black Belt grades.

The first 37 cards were issued to instructors and students who participated at the recent KKZN Tournament. After the 15th February, all registered students who qualify for student cards will begin to receive them from their dojo instructors.

The new student cards will be used by karateka to scan-in to senior Saturday training, tournaments, gradings and seminars. It provides an efficient way of registering for sessions and recording achievements in each karateka’s digital profile.

Interim reports will be made available to instructors of their students’ attendance at Saturday sessions; this provides an early indication of grading eligibility for brown belt examinations at the Summer Course, in accordance with SKKSA Grading Policy.

Student cards will be used from Saturday, 1st March, when the first Saturday class begins using the digital register.

Existing grading books with barcodes will be updated in due course with students’ new numbers.

SKKSA Student Cards are a “Uniquely SKKSA” project, representing an innovative leap forward in integrating technology with the ancient martial art of karate. With digital karateka profiles, instructors are able to receive updated information pertaining to individual karateka, including tournament achievements, attendance reports and technical comments related to examinations. This information can play a crucial role in helping karateka improve their training.

Shotokan Kokusai Karatedo South Africa is a leading karate organization in South Africa, with nine dojos across Kwazulu Natal, one dojo in Saudi Arabia, and internationally graded black belts and instructors.

SKKSA ID is the brand name of SKKSA’s Student Records division, which manages karateka records and develops custom software to streamline administrative processes so the focus remains on karate.

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