KKZN Tournament — Results


We were at the KKZN Tournament on Saturday, 18th January at the Tongaat Sports Centre. 26 of our karateka entered, and we’re proud to announce that 54% of our students who entered qualified for entry into the National championships later this month.

Here are the results:

    • Shane Ramlal (Durban North dojo) — 1st for kumite; 2nd for kata
    • Ibtesam Ebrahim (Toti Tigers dojo)— 2nd place for kumite & kata
    • Alisha Ramlakhan (Durban North dojo) — 3rd place for kata
    • Yushira Harkoo (Toti Tigers dojo) — qualified to participate at the national event
    • Sanhaviya Sookrajh (Toti Tigers dojo) — 3rd for kata; 1st for kumite
    • Tarika Gokar (Stanger dojo) — 3rd for kata
    • Yasteel Bhimma (Toti Tigers dojo) — 3rd for kata
    • Atiya Hooblal (Ottawa dojo) — 2nd for kumite
    • Yukta Mohanlal (Toti Tigers dojo) — 3rd for kumite
    • Yashi Hooblal (Ottawa dojo) — 3rd for kumite
    • Aaron Naidoo (Stanger dojo) — 1st for kumite
    • Rivaldo Ponnadu (Stanger dojo) — 2nd for kumite
    • Umar Suliman (Stanger dojo) — 3rd for kumite
    • Mikyle Reddy (Stanger dojo) — 3rd for kumite

Congratulations to everyone who participated, and to those karateka who made it into the next round: we wish you all the best at the national championships the 31st January and 1st February in Bloemfontein.

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