Stanger Dojo wins “Dojo of the Year 2013”

Congratulations Stanger Dojo!

At the 2013 Awards Evening, Stanger Dojo won the Dojo of the Year Award.

This marks the third time that Stanger Dojo, managed by instructor Sensei Sherwin Hooblal, won this award, the last time being in 2012.

This year’s Dojo of the Year Award was selected on a peer-review basis, with each of SKKSA’s eight instructors compiling motivations and disseminating them amongst themselves for consideration. Thereafter, the instructors met to cast their ballots on who they thought was most deserving of the award. This process is part of our continuing efforts to make this award fair to all dojos.

Congratulations to Stanger Dojo on winning this award for 2013!


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