Tour to Switzerland: Team Leaves Durban Today

The team waiting to board at KSIA (Durban).

After months of preparation, SKKSA’s 2013 Swiss Tour team departs King Shaka International in Durban today. The team, led by Chief Instructor Sensei Aneel Dowlath, will participate in the annual Summer Course in Locarno, Switzerland, hosted by the SKISF (Shotokan Karatedo International Swiss Federation).

The course begins next week Monday, and will run through to Friday 26th July. On Saturday 27th, they will undertake grading examinations for third dan, second dan, first dan and third kyu grades.

SKKSA wishes the team the best of luck over the next week, and during their exams!

You can get live updates from this year’s tour via our Twitter Feed: Regular blog posts from Locarno will also be published during next week on this blog. 

To see what an SKKSA tour to Switzerland is all about, visit our Films page.

The Team

Going for Sandan (3rd Dan)

Prinitha Dowlath
Sherwin Hooblal

Going for Nidan (2nd Dan)

Niven Baldeo

Going for Shodan (1st Dan)

Nikhil Singh
Nikyle Deoraj
Sonali Haripersad
Varnika Naidoo

Going for 3rd Kyu Brown Belt

Shane Ramlal
Sohana Haripersad


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