It’s Back to Training

Our mid-year gradings have all come to a conclusion – well done to all karateka who participated, and are now the holder of new kyu grades! Our instructors look forward to welcoming you back to training with your new belt colours. Make sure you’re wearing your new colour belts as soon as possible!

Training resumes as usual, and now it’s time to begin the preparation for the next grading, scheduled for December this year (dates to be finalised – watch this blog for the latest). But remember: karate is not only about grades. It’s about learning, understanding, and enjoying your study of an ancient martial art steeped in rich traditions and ethics. So when you’re practicing your next kihon, kata or kumite programmes in the dojo, keep in mind that your study is ultimately to learn more about karate and acquire the skills your instructor imparts in each lesson.

For those wanting to get a head-start on their next programme, or want to keep a copy of the syllabus for personal study, we’re happy to announce that the Yellow belt to Purple belt syllabi are now available for download from our Karateka portal.



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