Introducing the new SKKSA website

Welcome to our new, redesigned website. It features a cleaner, fresh design and is packed with lots of content about us. You can learn more about SKKSA, read our latest posts and engage in discussion on our blog, and download materials to help you with your own training.

With our new website, we are happy to announce our return to Twitter. Along with out presence on Facebook, our Twitter page will feature live blogs from various national and international events, allowing you to keep up with the organisation from wherever in the world you are! Check out our twitter page at (and follow us too!)

Explore our new website: there’s lots to discover, from the dojos that won a “Club of the Year Award”, to photos and videos taken at our events, and even notes about what karatedo is. This website is poised to be our online hub, a place where all our online activities are made available. We do hope you enjoy it.

We welcome your feedback: please let us know what you think about the new site, either in the comments below, or email us: We value your comments!


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