Kata Series: What is Kata?

Training Course December 2012

In preparation for our new Kata Series feature launching soon on this website, here’s an interesting question:

What is kata?

This quote from SKI founder and director, Kancho Hirokazu Kanazawa, illustrates the essence of kata:


“Kata practice is not meant for demonstration, but to help us improve through its study our ability in Kumite and later make a practical application in a real encounter. […] the essence of kata is not beauty of the movement but efficiency in the movement. When the performer can communicate the impression of beauty and power and mainly if the same feeling can be projected if viewed from behind, he may claim mastery of the kata.”

– Hirokazu Kanazawa, March 1982

Our kata series launches tomorrow (Friday) with the first selection, Jion. Comment below to tell us which katas you’d like to learn more about.


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