Introducing the Kata Series feature

Kata Series – Coming SoonKata is an essential part of every karateka’s training. At SKKSA, we place special emphasis on the study of kata as it forms the platform on which our training is based. Without kata, the practice of karate lacks focus. And, after all, kata is as beautiful as poetry, as evidenced by practitioners that compete at the highest levels.

We’re excited to announce a celebration of kata on the SKKSA website. Called “Kata Series”, we will periodically publish a kata and its history and significance.

Karate is not only about learning to kick and punch and defend oneself; it’s about broadening the mind as well. We hope that through this new feature you will gain insight into the katas taught by SKKSA instructors.

Look out for the new feature publishing soon on!

Get involved in this feature! Comment on this post to let us know which kata you’d like to learn more about.


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