Aspiring Black Belts Undergo Trial Exams

Every year, SKKSA takes a group of students to the annual Swiss Summer Course held in the city of Locarno. Here, students undergo a week-long training course under Hanshi Rikuta Koga, and on the Saturday, attempt their black belt examinations.

In preparation for this major milestone in a karateka’s career, SKKSA holds a “trial examination” a few weeks before the team leaves for Switzerland. This year’s trial exams were held at the Durban North Dojo on Saturday, June 30.

The team was praised by SKKSA instructors and assistants who formed the trial exam judging panel: Sensei Norman Moodley (Overport dojo), Sensei Sherwin Hooblal (Stanger dojo), Sensei Prinitha Dowlath (Durban North dojo), Sensei Vibhav Woodhaymal (Durban North dojo), Sensei Yajur Chotai (Amanzimtoti dojo), Sensei Rishen Ramsuran (Shallcross dojo), and Ibtesam Ebrahim (Durban North dojo). The process was supervised by Chief Instructor Sensei Aneel Dowlath.

For photos of the trial exam, click to this link.


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