Grading Season Begins with Avoca’s First Exam

One of SKKSA’s newest dojos, the Avoca Dojo run by second dan instructor Sensei Anibhushan Maharaj, held its first grading on Wednesday, 27 June.

Thirteen students undertook their June examinations for yellow, orange and green belts. SKKSA chief instructor, Sensei Aneel Dowlath, praised the dojo on its standard of karate.

SKKSA’s mid-year examination season has officially begun with the Avoca Dojo starting-off 2012’s June gradings. The next dojo grading will be on the 3rd July at the Overport Dojo.

You can view the complete gallery of the Avoca grading here.

The Avoca Dojo will soon be added to our list of Dojo pages. Visit back soon for more information.


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