Ottawa Dojo’s Bhangra Desi Party Rocks!

The cold winter’s night and threatening rain did not deter the determined party-goers at Ottawa Dojo’s Desi Dance Bhangra Evening last Saturday.

The show, hosted in conjunction with Radio Hindvani, at the Mount Edgecombe Grounds, was well-presented, and displayed a carnival atmosphere, with mini-stalls featuring bargain clothes and the latest DVDs and music CDs.  Enticing aromas of mutton burgers, piping hot samoosas and delicious chicken biryani wafted through the night air, as the foot-tapping sounds of local Indian chutney songs as well as popular Bollywood hits were belted out by the energetic and entertaining Hindvani jocks. The small crowd who braved the rain and cold weather were not left disappointed, and soon the cold was forgotten as jackets and scarves were discarded with the dancers heating up as they jived to the music.

The presence of 4 Reaction Unit officers lent a sense of security and comfort, although the revellers were far more interested in having a great time than creating any disturbance. Young and old took to the dance floor and even to the stage, and a most entertaining evening was enjoyed by all.


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