Welcome to 2012!


On behalf of the SKKSA Media Team, I’d like to welcome you to a new year in karate. We’re really excited about 2012; we have some exciting things planned for you this year! To kick-off the year, I’d like to introduce our all-new, re-designed website. There’s still a few minor adjustments to be made, but at this moment, it’s fully useable and ready to go.

About three years ago, we launched our online presence. Since then, technology, as I’m sure you’d expect, has progressed significantly. We made our way into the social media scene with Facebook and Twitter pages, and even a YouTube account. And now, we’re pleased to announce our new website, which has full integration with our entire online presence; it forms the “hub” of our online activity.

Through this new website, you can expect to read posts from our Chief Instructor Sensei Aneel Dowlath, receive digital versions of circulars, view photos and video feeds from our various events, keep track of what’s going on through our new and interactive Events calendar, and even find out about our training courses and events through the dynamic Workshop pages (these pages will only be active around the time of a major SKKSA event).

Our new website takes the guise of a blog, and as such, it’s more dynamic than ever. You’re invited to visit back as often as possible, as this website will be continuously updated with the latest information. You’re also welcome to comment on posts (where available), and share your thoughts with the karate community. Please note, however, that we have the right to moderate all comments, and will remove any comment that is deemed anti-social or harmful, and/or does not abide by our Code of Conduct.

I’d like to thank you for all the support you’ve given this organization, and the Media Team, over the past few years. We look forward to bringing you the most intuitive, stylish online experience befitting this leading karate organization!


Rahul Dowlath

Rahul Dowlath

I am the manager of SKKSA's web presence, including our website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube pages. I'm also the graphic designer for SKKSA Media. Contact me via media@skksa.co.za for any media-related queries.

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