SKKSA Tournament 2014


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  • FEMALE KATA 5-6 YRS: Singh, R (1st), Ramsunder, A (2nd), Phalad, S (3rd)
  • FEMALE KUMITE 5-6 YRS: Ramsunder, A (1st), Phalad, S (2nd), Singh, R (3rd)
  • MALE KATA WHITE-YELLOW 8-9 YRS: Li, JS (1st), Singh, R (2nd), Ninela, A (1st)
  • FEMALE KUMITE ORANGE-GREEN 12-13: Beldon, J (1st), Naidoo, S (2nd), Pillay, T (3rd)
  • MALE 16-17 ORANGE-GREEN KATA: Goodheart, A (1st), Naidoo, P (2nd)
  • MALE 16-16 ORANGE-GREEN KATA: Goodheart, A (1st), Naidoo, P (2nd)
  • MALE WHITE-YELLOW 8-9 KUMITE: Harley, C (1st), Pillay, D (2nd), Dlala, B (3rd)


  • FEMALE KATA 6-7 YRS: Maharaj, Y (1st), Alexander, E (2nd), Suleman, Z (3rd)
  • FEMALE KUMITE 6-7 YRS: Suleman, Z (1st), Adam, M (2nd), Maharaj, J (3rd)
  • FEMALE KATA WHITE-YELLOW 10-11 YRS: Mnguni, F (1st), Roith, T (2nd), Ganasen, V (3rd)
  • FEMALE KUMITE WHITE-YELLOW 10-11 YRS: Mnguni, F (1st), Bagwandeen, T (1st), Roith, T (3rd)
  • MALE KATA WHITE-YELLOW 10-11YRS: Thomas, M(1st), Scharneck, J (2nd), Rahim, Z (3rd)
  • MALE KUMITE WHITE-YELLOW 10-11YRS: Thomas, M (1st), Scharneck, J (2nd), Moonsamy, S (3rd)
  • MALE BLUE-BROWN 8-9 KUMITE: Maarbeel, K (1st), Mahes, Y (2nd), Pillay, S (3rd)
  • MALE BLUE-BROWN 8-9 KATA: Mahadeo, A (1st), Gobind, R (2nd), Singh, K (3rd)
  • FEMALE BLUE-PURPLE 14-15 KATA: Singh, T (1st), Hardcastle, C (2nd), Hooseria, A (3rd)
  • FEMALE BLUE-PURPLE 14-15 KUMITE: Hardcastle, C(1st), Singh, T (2nd), Hooseria, A (3rd)
  • MALE 35 OVER BLUE-BROWN KUMITE: Crowe, N (1st), Maharaj, Y(2nd), Adam, M (3rd)


  • FEMALE KUMITE 8-9 YRS: Swart, M (1st), Mothilal, P (2nd), Mohanlal, A (3rd)
  • FEMALE KATA 8-9 YRS: Swart, M (1st), Ramsarup, Y (2nd), Loki, A (3rd)
  • MALE ORANGE-GREEN 8-9 YRS KUMITE: Maree, J (1st), Jhagaru, K (2nd), Chetty, K (3rd)
  • MALE ORANGE-GREEN 8-9 YRS KATA: Pretorius, R (1st), Naicker, J (3rd)
  • FEMALE 9-11 YRS PURPLE-BROWN KUMITE: Govender, A (1st), Malapermal, P (2nd), Khan, F (3rd)
  • FEMALE 9-11 YRS PURPLE-BROWN KATA: Govender, A (1st), Khan, A (2nd), Khan, F (3rd)
  • FEMALE 43 YRS BLUE BELT KUMITE: Dhanpal, L (1st), Adam, H(2nd), Singh, B (3rd)
  • FEMALE 43 YRS BLUE BELT KATA: Adam, H (1st), Dhanpal, L (2nd), Singh’ B (3rd)
  • FEMALE 12-13 BLUE-PURPLE KUMITE: Misra, Z (1st), Geyer, E (2nd), Mahabeer, K (3rd)
  • FEMALE 12-13 BLUE-PURPLE KATA: Mahabeer, K (1st), Misra, Z (2nd), Geyer, E(3rd)
  • MALE  35 OVER BLUE-BROWN KATA: Maharaj, Y (1st), Crowe, N (2nd), Singh, V (3rd)


  • MALE 6 YRS WHITE BELT KUMITE: Moonsamy, S (1st), Naidoo, S (2nd), Khan, Z (3rd)
  • MALE 5-6YRS WHITE-YELLOW KATA: Heaton, C (1st), Govender, K (2nd), Premlall, D (3rd)
  • FEMALE 8-9 YRS BLUE KUMITE: Hooblall, S (1st), Maharaj, S (2nd), Ven Loggenburg, M (3rd)
  • FEMALE 8-9 YRS BLUE KATA: Maharaj, S (1st), Govender, D (2nd), Van Loggenburg (3rd)
  • FEMALE 12-13 ORANGE-GREEN KUMITE: Phillips, C (1st), Raghubeer, R (2nd), Roopnarain, Y (3rd)
  • FEMALE 12-13 ORANGE-GREEN KATA: Roopnarain, Y (1st), Maharaj, K (2nd), Jaikauran, N (3rd)
  • FEMALE WHITE-YELLOW 18-39 KUMITE: McIntosh, I (1st), Young, S (2nd)
  • FEMALE WHITE-YELLOW 18-39 KATA: McIntosh, I (1st), Young, S (2nd)
  • FEMALE WHITE-YELLOW OVER 35 KUMITE: Oram, N (1st), Xaba,C (2nd)
  • FEMALE WHITE-YELLOW OVER 35 KATA: Oram, N (1st), Xaba, C (2nd)
  • FEMALE BROWN-BLACK OVER 35 KUMITE: Heaton, K (1st), Couto, L (2nd)
  • FEMALE BROWN-BLACK OVER 35 KATA: Heaton, K (1st), Couto, L (2nd)
  • MALE  14-15 ORANGE-GREEN KATA: Hoholoza, S (1st), Kadoo, D (2nd)
  • MALE 14-15 ORANGE-GREEN KUMITE: Hoholoza, S (1st), Kadoo, D (2nd), Firdous, Y (3rd)
  • MALE 18-35 GREEN-BLUE KUMITE: Ngamkan, H (1st), Keith, J (2nd), Intangishata, S (3rd)
  • MALE 18-35 GREEN-BLUE KATA: Dlamini, A(1st), Keith, J(2nd), Intangishata, S (3rd)


  • MALE 6-7 KATA: Heeralal, D (1st), Naidoo, R(2nd), Naicker, B (3rd)
  • MALE 6-7 KUMITE: Maree, M (1st), Heeralal, D (2nd), Roopnarain, Y (3rd)
  • FEMALE 9 YRS ORANGE-GREEN KUMITE: Mohanlal, R (1st), Govender, V  (2nd), Choonilal, T (3rd)
  • FEMALE 8-9 YRS ORANGE-GREEN KATA: Govender, V (1st), Mohanlal, R (2nd), Seedat, A (3rd)
  • FEMALE 10-11 YRS GREEN-ORANGE KUMITE: Kleynhands, C (1st), Toms, J (2nd), Gayadin, S (3rd)
  • FEMALE 10-11 GREEN-ORANGE KATA: Gayadin, S (1st), Naicker, S (2nd), Toms, J (3rd)
  • FEMALE 14-15 WHITE-ORANGE KUMITE: Naidoo, D (1st), Naidoo, T (2nd)
  • FEMALE 14-15 WHITE-ORANGE KATA: Naidoo, D (1st), Naidoo, T (2nd)
  • MALE 12-13 ORANGE-GREEN KATA: Pillay, T (1st), Madikizala, S (2nd), Seedat, A (3rd)
  • MALE 18-35 WHITE-YELLOW KUMITE: Bukusa, J (1st), Harerimana, M (2nd), Kumar, K (3rd)
  • MALE 18-35 WHITE-YELLOW KATA: Machekanzonbe, C (1st), Harerimana, M (2nd), Kumar, K (3rd)
  • FEMALE 16-17 WHITE-YELLOW KUMITE: McIntosh, A(1st), Nel, L (2nd)
  • FEMALE 16-17 WHITE-YELLOW KATA: McIntosh, A (1st), Nel, L (2nd)
  • FEMALE 18-35 GREEN-PURPLE KUMITE: Batista, D (1st), Berriman, N (2nd), Pearson, C (3rd)
  • FEMALE 18-35 GREEN-PURPLE KATA: Batista, D (1st), Berriman,  N (2nd), Pearson, C (3rd)
  • MALE 35 AND OVER WHITE-ORANGE KUMITE: Young, C (1st), McIntosh, I (2nd), Goodheart, R (3rd)
  • MALE 35 AND OVER WHITE- ORANGE KATA: McIntosh, I (1st), Young, C (2nd), Maich, G (3rd)
  • MALE 14-15 BLUE-PURPLE KUMITE: Maarbeel, R (1st), Barnabas, Y (2nd), Reddy, T (3rd)
  • MALE 14-15 BLUE-PURPLE KATA: Maarbeel, R (1st), Barnabas, Y (2nd), Naidoo, T (3rd)


  • MALE 7 YRS WHITE – YELLOW KUMITE: Smith, L (1st), Singh, P (2nd), Ahmed, F (3rd)
  • MALE 7 YRS WHITE – YELLOW KATA: Geyer, D (1st), Singh, P (2nd), Ahmed, F (3rd)
  • MALE 12-13 YRS WHITE-YELLOW KUMITE: Elliot, L (1st), Van Niekerk, A (2nd), Zulu, N (3rd)
  • MALE 12-13 YRS WHITE-YELLOW KATA: Elliot, L (1st), Sheik, M (2nd), Zulu, N (3rd)
  • MALE 10-11 ORANGE-GREEN KUMITE: Steyn, T (1st), Beatie, L (2nd), Pearson, S (3rd)
  • MALE 10-11 ORANGE -GREEN KATA: Beatie, L (1st), Pearson, S (2nd), Gungadeen, S (3rd)
  • MALE 14-15 WHITE-YELLOW KATA: Bhorat, M (1st), Dlungele, S (2nd), Sawani, O (3rd)
  • MALE 14-15 WHITE-YELLOW KUMITE: Dlungele, S (1st), Sawani, O (2nd), Bhorat, M (3rd)
  • MALE 11 BLUE-PURPLE KUMITE: Moodley, B (1st), Moonsamy, E (2nd), Reddy, L (3rd)
  • MALE 11 BLUE-PURPLE KATA: Moodley, B (1st), Reddy, L (2nd), Moonsamy, E(3rd )
  • MALE BLUE-RED 10YRS KATA: Wheeler, D (1st), Sook, A (2nd), Moodley, C (3rd)
  • MALE BLUE-RED 10 YRS KUMITE: Cadir, T (1st), Manack, W (2nd), Wheeler, D (3rd)

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