2015 KKZN Tournament Results

On Sunday 15th February, 21 of our karateka excelled at the KKZN All-Styles Provincial Tournament held at the Tongaat Indoor Sports Centre. Here are the final results:

  • Aaron Goodheart (Ottawa) – 2nd for Kumite
  • Aaron Naidoo (Stanger) – 1st for Kumite
  • Alisha Ramlakhan (Durban North) – 2nd for Kata; 3rd for Kumite
  • Atiya Hooblal (Ottawa) – 3rd for Kumite
  • Emilio Ponnadu (Stanger) – 3rd for Kumite
  • Kerissa Naidoo (Stanger) – 3rd for Kumite
  • Kyle Sampson (Amanzimtoti) – 2nd for Kumite
  • Lorraine Dhanpal (Ottawa) – 3rd for Kumite
  • Mikyle Reddy (Stanger) – 3rd for Kumite
  • Mohamed Yasseen Mohamed (Stanger) – 3rd for Kumite
  • Payal Manilall (Ottawa) – 3rd for Kumite
  • Rivaldo Ponnadu (Stanger) – 3rd for Kumite
  • Ronaldo Munisamy (Shallcross) – 3rd for Kumite
  • Sanhaviya Sookrajh (Amanzimtoti) – 1st for Kata; 1st for Kumite
  • Sarith Ramlakan (Durban North) – 3rd for Kumite
  • Tarika Gokar (Stanger) – 2nd for Kumite
  • Tremaine Peter (Shallcross) – 3rd for Kumite
  • Vikesh Singh (Overport) – 3rd for Kata
  • Yashi Hooblal (Ottawa) – 3rd for Kumite
  • Yashmika Ramlakhan (Durban North) – 3rd for Kumite
  • Yinaash Bhimma (Amanzimtoti) – 1st for Kumite

Well done to all our karateka who participated at the event! And we wish those karateka preparing for the National Championships, to be held in Johannesburg next month, the best of luck.

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Tips on Summer Training Sessions

Summer in Durban always presents a challenge for karateka. It’s usually unbearably hot, humid and extremely tiring when in the dojo. Here are some tips on how to bear the heat and #KarateOn.

  1. Stay hydrated. Carry lots of water with you to your training session. There will be regular breaks during the lesson, and you should use this time to cool down, get hydrated and ready to continue.
  2. Carry a sweat towel. Using a towel to dry-off between sessions is hygenic and can help cool you down during the session.
  3. Don’t train if you’re ill. If you have flu-like symptoms or are unwell, we advise you to take a break from the day’s training. Training whilst unwell will stress your body and mind, and is certainly not conducive to a productive session of karate for you.
  4. Step outside if you’re feeling faint. If you’re experiencing dizziness, we advise you to immediately step outside for fresh air. Your instructor or fellow students will be more than happy to assist you.
  5. Eat light. Non-greasy, light meals taken a minimum of 90 minutes before the start of a session will ensure you feel comfortable during the session.

Have any more tips on how to manage training in humid conditions? Leave a comment below. We look forward to welcoming you to our dojos soon!

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Brown Belt exam policy now available

Karateka wishing to undertake their brown belt examination this year are advised to read the Brown Belt Examination Policy. This document outlines the requirements for entry into the final exam, which will take place in December 2015.

The contents of this document will be explored in further detail when our chief instructor visits your dojo soon as part of a roadshow.

To view the document, please click here. It’s also available from our Karateka Portal.

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Join SKKSA in 2015

We look forward to welcoming new and existing students to our dojos. 2015 is going to be an exciting year for us. We celebrate our 15th year, and throughout this year there will be exciting events and celebrations to commemorate this milestone.

We invite you to download the 2015 Welcome Pack. It contains all the information you need to get started with SKKSA, including the Registration Form. All karateka – new or returning – are required to complete and return this form to their dojo instructor.

To download the Welcome Pack, click here.

All the best for 2015!

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Aaron Naidoo Receives “Chief Instructor Choice Award 2014”

Chief Instructor Award 2014

The Chief Instructor Choice Award is the highest honour bestowed upon a karateka at SKKSA. On Saturday, December 13, at the SKKSA Awards Evening 2014, Aaron Naidoo from our Stanger dojo was named the 2014 recipient of this award by SKKSA Founder & Chief Instructor Aneel Dowlath Sensei. Reflecting on his decision to name Aaron the worthy recipient of this prestigious award, Aneel Dowlath Sensei had this to say:

The karateka I choose every year shares the same philosophy towards their karate as I do. And this year it’s no less. This karateka truly reflects the T14 theme by practising the budo spirit of Karatedo – at its finest. What really impresses me is the fact that, whilst this student is a competent sportsperson, this karateka practices karate not for the competition, but of the obvious passion and love shown for the art.

This is the individual who is able to understand how to handle flying high on the clouds of winning and is able to pick themselves up with grace in times of losing..

I have closely watched this particular karateka, especially during my senior classes, and I have noted the well balanced approach he takes to his karate. When training on the Tatami, nothing else matters except his will to constantly take his art to a higher level.

– Aneel Dowlath, Chief Instructor (SKKSA Awards Evening 2014)

Congratulations, Aaron!

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