About Us


Shotokan Kokusai Karatedo South Africa (formally Shotokan Karatedo South Africa) is one of South Africa’s leading karate organizations.

Founded on 22 July 2000 by  Aneel Dowlath Sensei, we have grown over our 15 years into a dynamic, modern karate organisation with dojos across the east coast of Kwazulu-Natal. We have produced numerous national and international karate champions whilst still maintaining our traditional roots.

SKKSA teaches karatedo with an eye for technical perfection, both in the dojo and on the competition floor. A strong emphasis is placed on traditional karate, and this knowledge is then applied in innovative ways to competition-based training.

We are affiliated with Shotokan Karatedo International Swiss Federation, led by Rikuta Koga Hanshi. Our instructors are internationally-graded by senior SKIF and SKISF instructors from Europe and Japan at the yearly Swiss Summer Course in Locarno, Switzerland.


Our combination of traditional and competitive karate, dynamic young instructors and attention to detail set us apart. With SKKSA, your karate training will teach you self-defence and keep you fit and healthy. But more importantly: you’ll have fun. Our dojos foster a lively, exciting atmosphere and mutual respect between senior instructors and karateka. We maintain that karate is an art where learning is continuous, and we explore its many facets together in a nurturing, family-based environment.

We also have the latest training equipment to ensure our students are kept up-to-date with international standards. Our innovative digital admin systems further ensure that karateka get maximum time on the tatami, and receive regular reports to assist them in improving their training.

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