Aneel Dowlath

Aneel Dowlath Sensei

Founder & Chief Instructor, SKKSA

Aneel Profile

Aneel Dowlath is an exponent of karate for over 30 years. He began his karate career in 1972, aged 6, at the Railway Hotel in Isipingo, Durban. As a means of self-defence and to overcome his asthma, his father enrolled him in a local karate class. This began Aneel’s journey with the art, which has led him to found one of South Africa’s leading karate organisations.

In 2000, he decided to found his own karate organisation, called Shotokan Karatedo South Africa (SKDSA). In July of that year, along with a contingent of four karateka and senior officials, he travelled to the city of Locarno, Switzerland. Here, he met with Chief Instructor of Shotokan Karatedo International Swiss Federation, Rikuta Koga Hanshi. SKDSA forged its international affiliation with this esteemed European organisation, a relationship which has only grown in strength each year. Aneel, along with a group of senior karateka, travel annually to Locarno to attend the Swiss Summer Course, where new ideas are practiced, technical details mastered, our black belt candidates benchmarked against students from across Europe, and invaluable knowledge is brought back to our dojos in South Africa.

Aneel has overseen the progression of his karate organisation as it transitioned into Shotokan Kokusai Karatedo South Africa (SKKSA), an organisation which began with only eight students in a single dojo, to an innovative, young, dynamic group of passionate karateka who practice the art in a nurturing family-based environment. Aneel’s meticulous attention to technical detail and fun, approachable attitude have ensured that each training session is lively, a philosophy that is shared with his senior instructors across our dojos.