Bring a Toy to Your Grading Exam Campaign – ECR Toy Story initiative

SKKSA Ottawa Dojo challenges our fellow SKKSA dojos – Amanzimtoti “Toti Tigers”, Stanger, Durban North, Overport, Shallcross, Avoca, Shakaskraal and Stonebridge – to a Bring a Toy to Your Grading Exam campaign.

From the instructor of Ottawa Dojo, Sensei Prinitha Dowlath:

I believe a truly special way to end our karate year, aside from a successful grading, is to support a worthy cause.

To this end, I would like to propose a “Bring a Toy to your Grading Exam” initiative, whereby each person participating in this weekend’s upcoming training seminar brings a new toy to donate to ECR’s Toy Story Initiative.

It does not have to be an expensive toy, just something straight from your heart and packaged with love and care for a child who has never known the joys of playing with a new toy.

Ottawa dojo is known for being a club with a BIG HEART and I know I can count on you all to support this initiative wholeheartedly.

I thus would like to challenge all other dojos to match this initiative!

Let’s put SKKSA on the map as being the organisation of heroes!

[read more about ECR’s Toy Story Campaign on]


Sensei Prinitha Dowlath [Sandan]


Karateka may bring a new toy to the 2013 Weekend Course. A box will be available from the Friday evening session until the end of the examinations on Sunday, 1 December, for collection.


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