Introducing SKKSA ID

At the recent gradings, you may have noticed that all grading books (the white books marked “LICENSE”), were barcoded. This is part of our new project, called SKKSA ID. Each student has received a unique student ID number, which corresponds with your specific dojo (for e.g., students from Durban North will have the prefix DBNN attached to their codes). These numbers relate to your entry in our digital student records.

SKKSA has taken another innovative leap forward in streamlining our administration workflows with custom software written by the SKKSA //MEDIA team, that allows us to track each student’s progress in our organisation.

You will now be required to carry your grading books to every SKKSA-held training course (such as the year-end training course). This book, along with your unique barcode, will give you access to that event once it has been scanned into our software.

We have some exciting ideas about where to take this new system, including digitising Saturday trainings and extending the SKKSA ID to a digital web-based karate syllabus customized to your karate grade. Watch this space!

We’ve barcoded about 70% of all student books in the organization. If you haven’t yet received a barcode, please contact your dojo instructor for further details. It is absolutely important that each affiliated student receive their own barcode, as this will be the only way to access SKKSA training courses, gradings and other events in the future.



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